House Raccoon

House Raccoon is a 100% Belgian design interior brand that is committed to the local and global society. We believe in entrepreneurship that not only makes our own world, but also that of people in general, better and more enjoyable. In addition to our initiative whereby we plant 1 tree per product with Bos+, it was therefore only logical that when production outgrew us, we also looked for a social partner along the production side. MIVAS was the perfect match. Just like us, they believe in people. People who often get the label ‘handicapped’, or ‘with a disability’ and therefore do not always get the opportunities they deserve in society. Together with MIVAS we look at the beautiful sides of every person, we choose 100% for the label ‘talented’ and we turn everyone into a real artist who, with their own contribution, is at the cradle of 100% Belgian design!