“I have been working at MIVAS for 31 years and still love to come to work. Back then I started at MIVAS 1 and after 6 years I was transferred to Rumst where a new establishment was started. And I am still here. I started at the conveyor belt in production, was later trained as operator and today I am line assistant. I will stay at MIVAS until I'm ready for my pension, I feel fantastic here.”

Carine Lenaerts
Line assistant MIVAS 3

“I like MIVAS because I can work relaxed, this is necessary for my heart problems. I enjoy working there, almost a year now. The monitors are friendly. Following Dutch lessons was not easy, but I was able to. I still learn new words every day, by speaking with colleagues. Sometimes they translate to French for me so that I understand and learn them. MIVAS is good for the people, MIVAS is a beautiful company.”

Odette Boluka Nzale
Production employee MIVAS 2

“I started as a warehouse employee at MIVAS with an active status. They assisted me in starting an application to get accreditation. I now have accreditation and I can continue to work at MIVAS. I feel good and I have fun colleagues. My job here is not just a job. It feels like family. I come to work every day with a smile.”

Stefan Radev
Warehouse employee MIVAS 1

“I started at MIVAS in the cleaning crew, but could not continue to do this due to my health. The social department went in search with me for another job within MIVAS. I now work in the kitchen and enjoy my job. I have great colleagues and can always turn to someone if I have questions.”

Kitchen crew MIVAS 1

“I am happy that I can still be active as an employee, despite my limitations, at my age. I lost an eye and underwent multiple surgeries on my abdomen, with lingering consequences. As a result of this I could no longer work in the normal employment circuit. I love my job and it provides me with the opportunity to see other people. If I have questions I can always turn to someone, I can always find a listening ear at the social department. The workplace is easy to reach using public transport. Who I am is also important here, not just the job that I do.”

Achiel Zoet
Production employee MIVAS 2

“There is a fun, pleasant and loose atmosphere where everyone is accepted. It is fun to work with colleagues who are there for each other and support one another. Everyone is appreciated for his/her contribution and input. We attach great value to equality. We work under optimal conditions towards a product that can “taste” the approval of our clients. We love to process the biscuits of Lu, firstly because we always see the new products pass by and secondly because it is great to work with our contact persons within Lu. ”

Staff members MIVAS 2

“I love to work at MIVAS II because there is such a pleasant atmosphere. I am accepted for who I am and not judged because of my handicap. It is very important for me that my capabilities are taken into account.”

Kelly Van Genechten
Production employee MIVAS 2

“28 years ago I went looking for work. My sister was then working at MIVAS and I went to have a look. The atmosphere was good and I did not look any further. In the mean time I have made many friends at work. The tempo here is very good for me.”

Trees Anthonissen
Production employee MIVAS 3

“I immediately felt at home at MIVAS. The monitors are very helpful and I have great colleagues. The work is varying and there is transport to the workplace. If I am super-happy about something, there is always someone willing to listen.”

Josephine Van Vlasselaer
Production employee MIVAS 3

“During the breaks many colleagues come to unwind a bit in the canteen. We love that we are able to present them self-made sandwiches, fresh soup and various delicious things. Some colleagues have also become real friends. We can count on one another and we also get together away from work regularly. ”

The girls in the kitchen
Domestic department MIVAS

“There are many opportunities to grow within MIVAS. I started back then as monitor. Then I filled the function of price calculator for a few years. Right now I am working as an accounting and invoicing employee. A great job with sufficient variation. Simply fantastic right!!”

Christine Somers
Price calculator

“I really find it pleasant to work at MIVAS. I have great colleagues, good monitors, a helpful social department and management. The work is varying and I can work part time. In short, everything is great here!”