We are also happy to offer you the necessary support with manual work.

Because there are orders that, due to a limited order size or time constraints, cannot be cost-effectively automated. We will have these handled by our skilled employees.

The result remains craftsmanship performed in a professional working environment. This allows us to process manual orders in time, at a high quality and at competitive prices.

Some applications:

  • Production lines for mounting, assembly and recycling, provided with pneumatic and electric connections
  • Sorting work
  • Repacking of goods, liquids,...
  • Application of neck hangers
  • Checking, sorting and reprocessing of blocked stocks due to production errors
  • Compiling assortments and promotional sets
  • Preparatory folding
  • Conditioning work
  • ...

Would you like to outsource packaging work or other activities?

Contact us for an appointment or quotation.