MIVAS is a socio-economic company that offers people with a work disability the opportunity to pursue a professional activity.

The most important activity consists of compiling and/or packaging promotional sets for the distribution sector. This service must also remain insured during the holiday period. For this we rely on student workers.

The work is carried out in the production halls, together with MIVAS employees. They are usually repetitive tasks at a certain pace or tasks that require significant physical efforts.

MIVAS has five branches: three in Lier, one in Rumst and one in Bornem.


In 2023 we expect candidates who were born before 31.12.2007 and who follow higher secondary education or higher education.


The hourly rate amounts are :

  • 16 year olds: 9,2631 €
  • 17 year olds: 10,5687 €
  • From the age of 18 years: 11,1183 €
  • From the age of 21 years: 11,6399 €


Candidates complete the application form for student workers and send it to MIVAS.

MIVAS sends all forms to the interim office, which is responsible for the calls and administrative processing.

Every Thursday MIVAS looks at how many student workers they need in production the following week and informs the interim agency

Interested? Apply now!

To apply send the following form, completed to mailbox@mivas.be or fax it to 03/491 96 01.

You can also send the completed form by mail or drop it off at our headquarters:

Plaslaar 41
2500 Lier

Additional information can be found on the following websites: