MIVAS offers adapted employment to persons with a labour restriction. This labour restriction can be person or society related.

In a broader framework MIVAS takes various initiatives to promote labour integration of persons with a large distance to the labour market.

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  • Adapted work is organised within a business organisation with a full business management and must be in line with the capacities of people with a labour disability.
  • MIVAS strives towards a balanced ratio of economic and social aspects, which can be found in the totality of our organisation and also in every individual part of the operation.
  • This means that MIVAS wants to be a reliable partner for its clients, strong in service and quality, with attention to the needs of the client.
  • Meeting the needs of customers must never be at the expense of the well-being and development of people with a labour disability.
  • Available places are preferably given to people with a labour disability, with specific attention to weak employees.
  • It is also avoidable that the expansion of the target group leads to the displacement of persons with a personal labour disability.
  • Staff members combine productive competences with social engagement.
  • Inspired by the quality principles of EFQM, a process model has been and is being developed in which personnel-oriented and production-oriented procedures, including safety prevention and care for the environment, are integrated.
  • The commitment to adhere to these procedures and the continuous pursuit of improvement provides MIVAS with a quality label that offers certainty for both clients and contractors.
  • MIVAS is constantly working on a positive image and wants to profile itself as a professional organisation that stimulates innovation and is a leader in the social economy.
  • MIVAS wants to be a financially sound organisation.
  • The regular follow-up of the financial data makes it possible to detect tendencies and trends that form a guideline for socio-economic decisions that also perpetuate continuity.


  • Our approach is focused on personal growth.
  • MIVAS pursues a sustainable personnel policy, which gives employees the opportunity to develop and to feel good in their job.
  • We strive for an atmosphere of openness and togetherness.
  • In this way we create equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of disability, origin, belief or sexual preference.
  • We want to work flexibly. MIVAS is a customised company in all its facets; we respond flexible to the needs of the employees and also of the clients.
  • Our approach bears witness to quality and will always seek a balance between the social and the economic.
  • We offer qualitative professional support to employees, but we also set high quality standards for the execution of orders. The endeavour to provide a healthy balance between these is a permanent challenge.

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