You are probably familiar with shrink wrapping. This is a sturdy, transparent packaging, suitable for promo-bundles and compiling assortments. Thanks to our high-tech equipment, the film shrinks tightly around your product with great tension and with strong seams.

  • With closed shrink wrapping, the appearance of the product is the most important. It is completely enclosed by the film.
  • The film of open shrink wrapping is even more sturdy. The sides remain open so that the whole is easy to handle and therefore logistically it is easier to manage.
  • Sleeve packaging is a variation of shrink wrapping. A plastic sleeve is placed over the product and heated up. The sleeve now takes on the form of the product. We use transparent and printed sleeves to package one or more products.

With our 21 fully automated shrink-wrapping machines, we are at your service!

For shrink-wrapping of heat sensitive products - chocolate, dairy products… - MIVAS Academy developed “Kai Mook”. This machine ensures that the product itself is not heated up, so the quality is maintained.

Can also be combined with:

  • Refrigerated storage & production halls
  • Processing of raw products
  • Weight control
  • Ink jet
  • Automatic labelling
  • Metal detection
  • Scanning (WMS)
  • Traceability & stock control
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