Philips Biscuits

Like the icing on the cake, this is the biscuit for your coffee.

With this, Philip's Biscuits pays homage to a delicious, craft biscuit : "the hand of Antwerp". A balanced set of well-considered flavours and textures that will leave you licking your fingers. All biscuits are made fresh daily in the baking workshop, according to tradition and they surprise in a subtle manner.

Be sure to visit one of our shops, you have to taste it:

  • Antwerpen, Korte Gasthuisstraat 39 & Oude Koornmarkt 8
  • Mechelen, Grote Markt 25

What a beautiful result a fine cooperation between different parties can lead to. Individually packaged and delivered in a beautifully filled 'Catering box'.

  • Philip’s Biscuits: client
  • Antilope De Bie printing: lay-out & print of the catering box
  • Vitrapack: flowpack foil of the biscuits
  • MIVAS non-profit association: individual packaging of the biscuits, filling of boxes and covering with protective film