Patent shrink machine for bio-compostable film

MIVAS is fully committed to the circular economy in order to contribute positively to the necessary sustainability of production and consumption processes in terms of environmental impact. We want to do this by looking for new circular packaging systems for both the bio-cycle (bio-compostable materials) and the technical cycle (reuse, recycling and bio-based) in cooperation with various parties: customers, suppliers and scientists (University of Antwerp).
“Innovation” is the key word. For example, MIVAS has developed a new shrink machine that can shrink bio-compostable films. Something that was not possible before because of the impact of the heat of a conventional shrink tunnel on the material. We have a patent for this since April 2021.

T Hofke

Sociaal restaurant as a meeting place for our employees

The following article appeared in the magazine "Werkvormen" (edition of Groep Maatwerk) about our social restaurant, which is seen as an excellent meeting place for our employees :
Sociaal restaurant als ontmoetingsplek voor maatwerkers
In the meantime, the restaurant and the social grocer have moved to a new location in Lier and have been given a new name:

"Goed Gevoel" has now become "'t Hofke".

The new address is: Katuizersvest 55 - 2500 Lier.

Schenking Paju Aan Goed Gevoel

Donation Paju to social restaurant Goed Gevoel

PAJU DESIGN is a contemporary Belgian brand that stands for creating imaginative and stylish outdoor spaces. They draw their inspiration from the global trend to embrace the outdoors as an extension of your personal living space.
For packing and preparing their indoor and outdoor candles they work together with MIVAS.
More and more you will also find their products in the better garden centres and design shops! Just take a look at their website to see where the closest point of sale for you is located : https://pajudesign.com/
This week Paju surprised us on top of our more than pleasant cooperation.
They did so by donating eight trendy bowls to our operation Goed Gevoel, on this location people in poverty can go to a social restaurant and social grocery store.
The bowls will be used as decoration and serving dishes in the restaurant.
And so Goed Gevoel got an extra warm glow on top...https://goedgevoel.mivas.be/